About the project

The Kon­rad-Ade­nauer-Stiftung (KAS) devel­oped “Gemeinsam.Demokratie.Gestalten.”, a project tak­ing place in Ger­many to counter the cur­rent­ly increas­ing soci­etal polar­iza­tion and grow­ing wors­en­ing tone in pub­lic dis­cours­es. In order to strength­en engage­ment for democ­ra­cy in Ger­many, the foun­da­tion hosts events to fos­ter dia­logue, to give room for con­flict­ing opin­ions and enable meet­ings with oth­er peo­ple that would not take place oth­er­wise. The focus of the project is on the region­al lev­el, so that peo­ple from one region can meet and inter­act. More infor­ma­tion on the project can be found on the web­site of the project.


d|part con­ducts the sci­en­tif­ic mon­i­tor­ing and eval­u­a­tion of “Gemeinsam.Demokratie.Gestalten.” by assess­ing already exist­ing data and doc­u­ments with qual­i­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive meth­ods. Addi­tion­al­ly, we devel­op new tools to col­lect data and con­duct­ed inter­views with a range of per­sons involved in the project over a cer­tain time span. This helps to gath­er the knowl­edge and find­ings of the project and makes them avail­able for fur­ther usage by the foundation.